Mental health gun-control dodge misses the bigger point

Ask a politician where he or she stands on gun control legislation and it’s likely you will get an answer that involves “mental health.” Many say they support the common notion of second amendment rights, make a slight nod towards some flavor of legislation and then promptly seek safe haven in the call for better…


Kristof: Why Obamacare matters

Want to get rid of Obamacare? Take heed of the story Nicholas Kristof tells in a recent New York Times posting. His long-time friend Scott goes without health insurance because he did not think he could afford it. At age 52 he was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. Had he been insured, it’s likely…


Finally, a political ad that’s fun to watch

A lot of creativity is absent from the current crop of national political ads. According to Studio360’s Kurt Anderson, The real problem with campaign ads today isn’t that they’re mean, or contain fuzzy numbers. It’s that they’re boring. Why? “The same people that would do great commercials for products and services would also do political commercials,” advertising veteran Bob Gardner tells…

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