Bernie vs. Hillary

We’ve all heard plenty from the TV pundits about what happened at the first Democratic primary debate in October 2015. For what it’s worth, I am a strong Bernie supporter, but I am feeling more comfortable about working for Hillary if she is the nominee. I’ve been to two events that were advertised on the…


Reasonable and effective ways to reduce gun violence

It is obvious now that the majority of Americans, in fact the majority of gun owners, support better screening of those who shop for guns and ammunition. The majority of civilized countries manage to let citizens own firearms without the carnage we see here in the U.S. One major difference is the requirements that citizens…

lrsb fighterplane

Who really won the Cold War?

I recently read that our “representatives” in Congress plan to authorize a yet-to-be named corporation to build 80 to 100 new LRS-B aircraft for the Air Force at a fixed price of no more than $550 million each. I immediately wanted to write something profound about how screwed up our priorities are in the good…

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