lrsb fighterplane

Who really won the Cold War?

I recently read that our “representatives” in Congress plan to authorize a yet-to-be named corporation to build 80 to 100 new LRS-B aircraft for the Air Force at a fixed price of no more than $550 million each. I immediately wanted to write something profound about how screwed up our priorities are in the good…

american flag around teh world

America loves war

I am reading James Risen’s latest book on how the military-industrial complex has morphed into the military-homeland security-intelligence complex. Risen is a New York Times reporter and has been interviewing primary sources involved with America’s “war on terror” starting with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. You have all heard about the cargo planes loaded…


When politicians dictate how the music should sound: Lessons from Shostakovich

There was a saying popular among anti-war protestors of the 1960s. Just because you’re paranoid, don’t think they’re not out to get you. We have even more reason to wonder about who is spying on our personal conversations today because technology can practically read our minds. For those of us exposed to the futuristic novels…

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