Campbells soup GMO

Campbell’s will label its products with GMO info

Maybe you’ve been following the long-simmering controversy about labeling food products for GMOs (genetically modified organisms). If you haven’t, now is a good time to pay attention because one of the world’s largest food conglomerates—that would be Campbell’s—has just thrown a new twist into the GMO pot. In fact, Campbell’s recently announced turnaround might just…


How does your representative vote on gun control/gun rights?

After the most recent mass shooting–at Umpqua Community College in Oregon–President Obama urged Americans to look into where their Congressional representatives stand on gun-control legislation. With surveys showing that most Americans support common-sense gun laws–including universal background checks–you have to wonder if Congressional representatives’ attitudes coincide with prevailing public opinion. The following article, originally posted…

farm worker

What Donald Trump doesn’t know about the Mexican farm workers who make his 5-star dinner possible

Donald Trump’s sneers about Latino rapists, criminals, and druggies coming-to-harm-your-property-and-your-kids have real-life consequences. His all-too-familiar ethnic scapegoating intentionally obscures the truth about a community that’s made up for the most part of hard-working, well-intentioned, and law-abiding people just trying to support their families by working jobs that would otherwise go unfilled. For some, Trump is…

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