Takeaways from “Selma”

Can I speak honestly about the new movie, “Selma?” No doubt, it’s going to get a lot of support for an Oscar. Critics have raved about it, calling it a “must-see.” I agree—it’s definitely worth seeing. A lot of people are going to buy tickets because the subject matter is important—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s…


Rooting for the grand juror in his lawsuit vs. Bob McCulloch

A member of the Darren Wilson grand jury is suing St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch, claiming that McCulloch publicly mis-characterized the grand jury’s deliberations, and asking for an injunction against the prohibition on grand jurors discussing cases. Some people think it’s a frivolous lawsuit. As a former member of a St. Louis County…


After Ferguson: Small reforms, big potential

Ferguson has consequences—and some of them may be positive. The tragedy of Michael Brown’s death in August 2014 has been a consciousness-raiser with ramifications far beyond the boundaries of one small municipality called Ferguson. Demonstrators have used the event to highlight a range of unfair laws and policies in Ferguson—and in many other cities. And…

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