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Standardized education: moving America to the right

Listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, one would think that American schools are bastions of the hard left, education factories that churn out soft-headed liberal ideologues.  But in Standardized Education: Moving America to the Right, Arthur Lieber makes precisely the opposite argument.  Lieber believes that the country’s recent shift to the right can be…


What would reasonable school reform look like?

In my last two articles for Occasional Planet, I lambasted two current trends in our country’s educational system: over-reliance on standardized tests and the desire to lengthen the school day and school year.  And, to be honest, lambasting is easy (not to mention fun).  It’s easy to point to something and say, “That’s stupid, here’s…

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Education: When more is less

The “more is always better” approach to instructional time is a  popular and destructive fetish among educational policy makers (and one that goes hand-in-hand with standardized testing, about which I have previously written on this site.)  First, right off the bat, can we debunk the myth that the rest of the world educates its children…

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