Infographic: Dark money in US politics

Most people understand that there is a problem with money in politics in the United States. Politicians spend countless hours fundraising instead of doing their elected jobs, lobbyists and corporations get special treatment over voters, and a few eccentric billionaires can buy politicians and elections in a way that seems…well undemocratic. The wonderful folks over…


Infographic: Literacy around the world

For Literacy Day, the United Nations made an infographic looking at literacy statistics around the world. Education is listed again and again as one of the top ways to reduce poverty. Although the literacy rate has been increasing globally, it looks rather grim in some developing nations. If you’re one of the lucky 84% of…


Infographic: Evolution of riot gear

Most of us have seen the pictures of the riots from Ferguson, Missouri this past weekend. One of the most startling aspects of the riots (besides seeing the amount of destruction) is the way the police look in contrast to the protesters. It’s hard reconciling the fact that the authoritarian government looking sort are not…

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