Ad says rifles are a girl’s best friend

Where is Don Draper when we need him? Draper, of course, is the iconic 1960s advertising executive who stars in the hit TV series, Mad Men. He’s a chain-smoking, hard-drinking, womanizing city slicker of questionable morals who occasionally does something brilliant. Perhaps his most memorable advertising accomplishment occurred when his firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Price,…


Honey Boo Boo versus the wastewater treatment guy

It happens every year, in the early spring.  Right before we become obsessed with NCAA basketball, and several weeks before pollen blankets our patio furniture, Parade Magazine treats us to its annual rundown titled “What People Earn.”  It’s a fascinating, frustrating look at our American economic system and what capitalism has wrought.  It’s one of…


Voter canvassing: Who knew it could be funny?

During an election season, there are a lot of things that supporters can do for their candidates.  Give money, of course.  Distribute literature door-to-door.  Stuff envelopes, fold letters, glue stamps, run to the Post Office.  Answer phones.  But perhaps the most unpopular job, and one that few people enjoy, is phone canvassing. There you sit…

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