Mike Huckabee wants to “take a jackhammer to U.N. headquarters in NYC”

You never know who’s going to be on the other end of a toll-free robo call with an outrageous political message. Tonight, it was former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Well, a robo version of him, anyway. He’s calling me to join him and Citizens United [remember them?] in–”once and for all–getting the United Nations out of our country.” According to Huckabee and his Citizens United friends, “defunding of the United Nations is long overdue. We should take a jackhammer to U.N. Headquarters, kick the UN out of the US and save American taxpayers $3 billion annually.” Huckabee says that the UN is “an absolute disgrace, and it’s time to cut them off.” Also, if I stay on the line and sign the petition, “along with thousands of other patriotic Americans,” I’ll receive a complementary copy of–surprise!–Huckabee’s book, ironically titled “Do the Right Thing.”

I did stay on the line, and Huckabee’s live “assistant” had a question for me: “Do you agree that the United Nations is a useless organization?”

Well, I don’t agree. The United Nations has some serious bureaucratic and funding problems, and I don’t always agree with its resolutions. But “useless?” Let me count a few of the ways that the UN is NOT useless: Let’s see…UNICEF, the World Health Organization, UNESCO, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Atomic Energy Agency.  And let’s not forget that the United Nations–which is NOT a world government–at the very least offers a place where countries in conflict can talk to one another. Sure, the General Assembly seems powerless, dysfunctional and chaotic at times, but should we really try to imagine a world without the UN– no place for discussion when a country would prefer to solve its conflicts without weapons, no place to at least give peace a chance?

It has been pointed out to me that, on the grounds of U.N. Headquarters in New York, there’s a statue that represents a bibical quotation that former Governer [and ordained Christian minister] Huckabee has undoubtedly referred to on many occasions: “They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their shields into pruning hooks.” How does Mr. Huckabee’s violent jackhammer image jibe with that biblical exhortation?

Also, does Huckabee realize that what he’s calling for is the destruction of a tall building in New York City? Not a great image, as we approach the anniversary of 9-11, Mr. Huckabee.

Anyone who knows why Citizens United is behind this effort, and how much Huckabee is earning as their shill–please chime in.

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Gloria Shur Bilchik Gloria Shur Bilchik (462 Posts)

Gloria Shur Bilchik is a freelance writer and community volunteer in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the editor of Occasional Planet. She views the preservation of progressive values as vital to making the US a humane, livable place for her children and grandchildren.

  • Charles M. Seamens

    I agree with the Governor. The UN is a corruptible shame of crooks who do nothing
    but exercise greed, one of the seven deadly sins of the world.

  • Kitwench

    Keep the UN in existence.
    And send it elsewhere.
    IF any other nation will take it. I somehow doubt.
    And take it down – with jackhammers?
    Sure, why not?
    It’s an EMPTY building at that point, and you should be ashamed of comparing demolition to the deaths of thousands.
    Why tear it down?
    It’s been UN headquarters for so long there is no way of reasonably removing all of the various systems in place that would be unacceptable in any other line of work.
    Build something we can use – real estate in NYC isn’t cheap, but apparently cowardly words still are.

  • Sj3

    Gloria – “preservation of progressive values” at the expense of individual liberty and freedom? 

  • Guest

    Ms. Bilchik does an amazing job of sliding right past the real issues with a reference to the U.N. having some “serious bureaucratic and funding problems.”  If you look a bit closer at these “problems” we are glossing over, they amount to:
    –Hundreds of millions of dollars verifiably embezzled with possibly as much as another $10 Billion currently under investigation
    –Huge sums of money and supplies diverted to some of the most murderous regimes in history
    –Conservatively tens of thousands of people killed as a direct result of (at best) U.N. mismanagement in regions they have taken jurisdiction of (and thereby excluded the U.S.) from the Congo to Mogadishu
    –Incredibly dispicable lawlessness, much under diplomatic cover (Ask a New York cop how much he wants the U.N. to stay around!) (Or how about the Belgian UNICEF executive who was running a child sex ring?  Kind of makes you STOP wondering why they had NAMBLA as a “consultant” on social issues!)

    And Ms. Bilchik’s list of “proofs” of how the U.N. is NOT worthless–please!  Every organization named has been the subject of embezzlement, corruption, mismanagement and lawlessness to a degree not even dreamed of in the most corrupt regime!  Not to mention their plethora of programs and activities specifically intended to erode support for the United States.  And the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?!?! Really?  Anybody see a problem with the UN declaring itself the propounder of our rights and to have the right at need to withdraw them?  A jewel of an accomplishment.  I am only amazed that she omitted the much-vaunted Convention on the Rights of the Child (after all, what list of UN “accomplishments” would be complete without including the treaty that embodies such “accomplishments” as dictating that children go to proper schools that ascribe to the stated principles of the UN (potentially nixxing most private schools and home schooling), invites oversight of everything from family life to education budgeting (local, state and federal), conflicts with our constitution, etc.)

    The “etc.” just means I’m tired.  What is the point of spending time responding to this nonsense.  You could float a battleship on the ink it would take to truly address the cesspool that is the UN.  I’m done!

  • Anonymous

    Would we say that ‘taking a jack hammer’ to the UN was completely an anti Christian statement…considering that Huck sells himself as a devout believer in Jesus’ principles.   “PEACE MAKING” OUGHT to be the keystone and hallmark of anyone who claims to be a Christian; not a war mongering politician. 
    Americans should be honored to house the UN in the US. & should the Occupied Congress truly be interested in saving $3Billion, simply CUT military welfare tax dollars to Israel–they are the 4th most powerful military in the world including Nukes, Chemical and biological weapons. They get $10 Million daily for weapons and such, whilst many of their own people are sleeping on the streets (like in the US) and eating at soup kitchens, which Israel never had prior to netanyahu. In fact those citizens inside Israel have MORE in common with Palestinians under occupation than they acknowledge…Occupation is killing all of them and US tax support of both should cease.  
    However, keeping the one global organization where conflicts can be debated and studied and voted on is CRITICAL even more so in the future.   Issues that impact the entire planet such as radiation, energy, carbon footprint, resource consumption and species die off a result of chemicals into the environment will profoundly impact your children and grandchildren …THINK PEACE ….and work on peaceable conflict resolution  NOT more bombing.  Time to re-read Orwells 1984…oh, and tell Huck that it is illegal to be selling his political books while making a call on behalf of a “non profit” Citizens United…that will end their non taxable status.

  • Dave

    Thank you!  You absolutely nailed it.  The U.N. is a complete disgrace!

  • Guest

    “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.”  ~Thomas Jefferson

  • Chemist85

    By and large, the UN is anti-American collection of non contributing countries that get handouts because this administration continues the practice of trying to buy friendship with American monetary gifts.
    At least 75% of these takers voite against us whenever there is an important decision.


    Oh, a progressive.  Just as bad as socialist.  If it were up them, we would be communist in a very short time.
    The UN should be shipped elsewhere and the US out of it.

  • Jwad

    You are crazy the un is also crazy an useless I want it off American soil

  • Fortworthact

    This author is an idiot. Obviously doesn’t read read current events.  She comments on things she doesn’t have the first clue about. She needs to go back to the poppy fields and continue to tiptoe through the tulips.

  • DEB1779

    If you want to find out how bad the UN is and why we should get rid of it, read Shake Hands With the Devil and you would never give it another dollar.

  • T

    Three things: First, why does the USA have to support and maintain the UN? If it is such a great organization to have, then why don’t ALL COUNTRIES equally support the costs to maintain it (or equal proportionate to their population)? The USA should NOT have to foot the bill to be the “policeman” of the world (we shouldn’t even be that). While it’s a good idea to have neutral grounds for several countries to air complaints and seek resolution, do you really think NYC can be considered “neutral ground”. I think not. Second and in reference to Christian principles, there is a big difference between being a peacekeeper and a peacemaker. Peacekeepers strive to keep peace at all costs and even compromise to do so without any form of hostility. A peacemaker’s role is to maintain peace using diplomatic methods or force, as necessary, to ensure peace. Christians are to be peacemakers, not wanting to use force but use it if they must. (Better to have a big military and not need it, than a small military and need a bigger one. Just having military strength will deter conflict/battles.) Third, our founding fathers of this great nation intended for the USA to be friends with all other nations and ally with none. They knew that by refusing to develop any ally relationships, we would also keep ourselves out of unnecessary/additional wars and conflict.